MSI - beep diagnostic codes
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Verify POST beep codes

    Continues beeps or 1long 2short beeps = possible memory error
    • Try re-seating memory or test with different memory 
    1long 2short or 8short beeps = possible video card problem
    • Try re-seating video card, test system with known good video card
    High/Low tone (siren sound)= CPU is overheating.
    • Verify that CPU heatsink is properly installed and power connected

AMI Beep Code

Deep Code   Description
1 short   DRAMS refresh failure
2 short   Parity circuit failure
3 short   Base 64k RAM failure
4 short   System timer failure
5 short   Process failure
6 short   Keyboard controller Gate A20 error
7 short   Virtual mode exception error
8 short   Display memory Read/Write test failure
9 short   ROM BIOS checksum failure
10 short   CMOS shutdown Read/Write error
11 short   Cache Memory error
1 long, 3 short   Conventional/Extended memory failure
1 long, 8 short   Display/Retrace test failed


AWARD Beep Code

Deep Code   Description
1 Long, 2 Short   A video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot intialize the video screen to display any additional information
Any other beep(s)   RAM problem


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